Rising American Indian Nations Sustainable Programs

RAIN has a commitment to the protection of Mother Earth, sustainable living, and conservation. These commitments are an integral part of RAIN and all future initiatives. As stated in our overall goals, RAIN promotes environmental education and sustainable living processes. Forrest is a member of the Board of Directors of Pax Natura, a non-profit organization committed to preserving rain forests throughout the world. He is also an honorary board member of the Swaner Preserve and Eco-Center, an organization dedicated to conservation of a beautiful, 1200-acre wetlands near Park City, Utah. 

We are dedicated to the earth’s beauty and preserving vanishing natural resources. An example our conservation commitment is the protection of the abundant wild plants and animals inhabiting our very own healing ranch. The wild animals include deer, elk, moose, ducks and geese, foxes, coyotes, and soon-to-be-planted fish. The plants include cattail, sagebrush, current bushes, wild lilacs, a host of other wild flowers, elm, and a variety of cottonwood trees.