Unification of The Eagle and The Condor

Unification of the Eagle and Condor is a prophecies of the Indigenous People that RAIN has recently become very involved with. This involves reconnecting the native people of North America with the native people of South America. The purpose of the Gathering is to renew and strengthen our spirituality and unite under one voice, one people, one nation.

RAIN will encourage sharing and cultural exchange programs that include incorporation of ceremonies and rituals with neighboring countries, learning about the Mayan calendar, nawals, sacred sites, pyramids, and other aspects held in common with all Indigenous peoples.


"Fix the Indians" Versus "Empower Them"

Historic trauma is unlike any other trauma because the trauma continues to exist generation after generation, to the point of no return. It results in a total lack of trust to oneself. Trust? What has trust got to do with trauma? Think about it, if you do not trust yourself, you rely on others to keep you safe. How safe does it feel to rely on others? Is anyone else going to concern themselves with keeping you safe? On the contrary, most people completely take advantage of others once they realize how vulnerable they are. With all that going on, the anxieties run high when you are running on adrenalin most of the time, knowing at any moment, you may be blind-sided.
I get really frustrated at those who have simplistic solutions to these very complex, complicated problems. These are folks who have all the answers to "fixing the Indians" without any patience or regard whatsoever for the root cause of these problems!
Mack Gift has actually been an unrenowned, "Gift" to the Indian people. His "Self Advocacy Empowerment Training" program does more for Indian people than any costly government program out there. Why? Because it goes right to the core of the problems facing American Indians today. Due to his own extensive life experiences and trauma, Mack Gift understands (see below) how deep these issues are, yet he is gentle enough that the Native people eventually open up to him and see it for themselves. 
Mack Gift understands how precious these people are and treats them with the respect that they deserve. Why? Because he understands that they were victimized for hundreds of years and many of them do not realize they no longer have to be victims.
That is our challenge, our mission, and our goal, to empower Indian people. Now is the time for Indian people to "Rise up and believe in themselves." That my friends, is what Rising American Indian Nations is about.  Shauna Lynne
  • Mack Gift “Campaign for Self-Advocacy” Level I
    • Self-Advocacy
    • Fear of Rejection
    • Fear of Success
    • Fear of failure
  • Mack Gift “Campaign for Self-Advocacy” Level II
    • Emotional Range
    • Self/Other Interest
    • Death
    • Creativity
  • Mack Gift “Campaign for Self-Advocacy” Level III
    • Gestalt
    • Victims
    • Trauma
    • Families
  • Mack Gift “Campaign for Self-Advocacy” Level IV
    • Passive Behavior
    • Aggressive Behavior
    • Co-Dependent
    • Passion/Aggressive
    • Assertive/Communication