Welcome to Rising American Indian Nations

"When the Grandmothers from the four directions speak, a new time is coming" - a prophecy of the Indigenous people of the world, Grandmothers Council the World.

Health is our biggest challenge, we call upon powerful worldly concepts and principles to guide us. These principles can be found in the Medicine Wheel, ancient man-made circular rock formations found throughout the Western Hemisphere. There are four major components/elements of man found in the Medicine Wheel (blog), namely mentalphysical, spiritual, and emotional. Our programs are designed around or with these components in mind. Click here for information on the Medicine Wheel and why it is our symbol of hope for Rising American Indian Nations.

The poor health of American Indians is the result of displacement and restricted reservation life:

1) Nine Ute bands who once roamed homelands in central Utah and western Colorado were forceably removed to northeastern Utah, a mostly arid land

2) The original Ute diet consisted mostly of protein from wild game, with little or no carbohydrates, sugar, or alcohol

3) Restriction to a limited hunting range drastically altered their diet and native foods were replaced by military rations consisting mostly of refined wheat or white flour, sugar, salt, lard (often referred to by native nutritionists as the four white killers), and hard tack/bacon

4) The more recent influences of modern media emphasize comsumption of fast foods loaded with sugar, carbohydrates and harmful chemicals, such as high fructose corn syrup, GMOs and MSG.

Exposure to these harmful influences have taken their toll over the past 200 years.

The poor diet has contributed to addictions to sugar-based foods, alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription drugs, which include a plethora of pharmaceuticals designed for a quick fix. Rather than their original diet serving as a means of prevention, the Indian people have become victims of ignorance and bad information. RAIN therefore engages in food demonstrations, presentations and events that emphasize the importance of native foods, organically produced foods, raw fruits and vegetables, and exercise that is more conducive and appropriate for native people.  

Most of our traditional ceremonies for health take place on our Uinta Springs Ranch. Some of these ceremonies include equine healing; a healing grove for prayer and meditation; sweat lodge (no fees or charges incurred, donations only); fire pits for healing ceremonies; and a large, modern medicine wheel. We are currently raising money for a community building to facilitate our training and workshops that will include a commercial kitchen, a meeting or lecture hall, sleeping quarters, and bathroom facilities.

Get involved now and enjoy the reciprocity of donating to the first people of our nation to return to health and prosperity...and improve your own health and the health of your loved ones in the process!