Events and Fundraisers for Rising American Indian Nations

Annual Events

Horse Dance Celebration: a 2-3 day annual event that features equine facilitated learning sessions, earth skills, and other culturally related experiences such as flute making/playing, setting up tipis, and archery.

Feast with the Indigenous Nations: The focus of this event is health & nutrition, native foods, and healthy lifestyles. This event is held at harvest time and gives troubled youth an opportunity to demonstrate their projects and accomplishments to the general tribal membership.

Ongoing Events

Unification of the Eagle and Condor: In cooperation with other groups such as the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, RAIN is involved in uniting the native peoples of the North America with the native peoples of South America referred to as “Unification of the Eagle and Condor.” Since unification has world-wide impact, RAIN is doing it's part to raise money to see this event come to fruition. RAIN was informed by a revered Mayan elder Francisco that this sacred connection of the native people was broken during the 15th Century American Conquest and the reunion of the Americas is most important to maintaining equilibrium throughout in the world. 

Community Building: This proposed facility will include a commercial kitchen, meeting or lecture hall, arts and culture room, sleeping quarters, and bathroom facilities to accommodate workshops, retreats, and training for troubled youth and their families.

Upcoming Events

Shoshone Horse Journey: RAIN envisions the day when the Ute Tribe will host a trail ride that we refer to as "Horse Journey." Participation would require tribal members to be drug and alcohol free for one year. This gives the youth a goal to learn great horsemanship and reconnect to their traditional culture and ancestral heroes. A Victory Feast would be held at the end of the ride and the community will be invited to celebrate.