The emotional component of the medicine wheel deals with the complex nature of "feelings." RAIN supports and hosts programs and services that respond to historical trauma, substance abuse and other emotional challenges. Our goal is to help people feel better. We offer the following programs and services:

Equine Healing: Sign up now for workshops with the Horses. All proceeds go to RAIN. Email shauna@rainutah.org for more information. "These programs open the practices of responsibility and spiritual sovereignty through emotional intelligence, non-verbal communication, understanding the wisdom of the body and sacred relationship with all beings.  Offering this mindfulness, develops awareness, compassion, forgiveness and love."

Messages of the BodyAccording to author Michael Lincoln, "We form notions about who we are and what we are, and our body automatically manifests those images. Limited concepts of ourselves limit our freedom of movement and personal expression, and they distort our body into a representation of our "self-handicapping" beliefs about our selves. The first step in this process is to get a reading on what the body is storing, and by what it is being distorted." Afterwards, we introduce Quantum Emotional Clearing.

Quantum Emotion ClearingLee Beymer, noted QEC Trainer, states, "This technique effectively faciliatates the rapic reduction or complete elimination of negative emotional charges." This method of helping people is offered by certified trainers in RAIN's programs.  

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