Rising American Indian Nations Education Programs

Poor education for Indian children has plagued Indian people for decades. The Ute Indian Tribe, as with most tribes, suffers a high school dropout rate as high as 75%, year after year. This problem is systemic and contributes significantly to ineffective tribal government, which negatively impacts business and economic development on reservations. This poor education produces an unskilled and incompetent labor force that contributes to failed businesses and major losses in revenues, making it impossible for Indian tribes to progress to any possible degree of prosperity. Please help today

We promote non-traditional education programs that are specifically designed for American Indians because, true to our motto, these are programs that work. They include native culturally relevant curriculum; effective language restoration such as dual emersion and language nests; and learning accurate history and folklore. We work closely with local schools and tribal youth programs including the Ute Tribe’s charter high school, Uintah River.

When our community building is completed, we will operate After School Programs that emphasizes the arts: visual, performing, and literary. Furthermore, Indians are natural artists, par excellance! We therefore pose the question, “Why not build on the strengths of Native People rather than repressing them?” We need your help