The Truama of Trump

My wife thinks Trump will do the country good because it is bringing forth the junk and true sentiments of the American people; and it forces us to deal with them. The problem I have with this is, it means burning the house down, destroying all old files, and then having to rebuild them, something that will be painstakingly difficult. Worst of all, it doesn’t/didn’t have to be this way!

Trump is presently appointing hit men/women who will go in and destroy years and years of legislation, rules and regulations, which have been developed over years and years of research, discussion/debate and consultation experience. Destruction of these regulations will create a dangerous windfall and highly destructive reaction that, in all likelihood, result in revolution and fighting in the streets. The reason I say this is that our country is pretty much evenly divided; and one side will resist the other even to the point of violence.  

I am a strong believer in capitalism. But my 65 years of experience and my college education tells me that capitalism must be regulated! First of all, I must quote the father of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison, who said, “If men were angels, government would not be necessary.” Sorry, and I don’t care who you are, men are not angels! And, in my view, Trump is one of the farthest from being an angel. He might even be the extreme opposite.

In my college, political science class, we studied the various forms of government, primarily: Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, and Communism. My college professor, Dr. Mack Gift, once said that the large middle class with the higher standard of living that developed following WWII proved Karl Marx (theorist and author of Das Capital, the communist manifesto) wrong. I read an article recently that said during the past 20+ years (without mentioning party affiliation), we have witnessed (unless you do not keep up on the news) a war on the middle class with lower wages, limited benefits especially in health care, declining influence of labor unions and fewer jobs. While corporate CEOs, wall street executives, and others have experienced huge windfall profits, the middle class has not gained any significant growth since the 1980s. Trump and his big buck cronies tapped into this.

The horror and shame of it all is, “We bit the hand that feeds us.” We did the exact opposite of what should have been done. We should have gotten behind Bernie Sanders. Why? Because it was he, not Trump nor Clinton, that was arguing for the middle class. It was Bernie who wanted to raise the minimum wage, penalize companies taking jobs overseas, hold Wall Street accountable, etc.

What do I mean? Isn’t Obama responsible for all this? On the contrary, Obama was working slowly to help the middle class recover from the 2008 banking/housing fallout; but it was going to take some time, more time than most Americans had the patience for. Donald Trump took advantage of this frustration and exploited it to the fullest by pretending to be the hero and proudly laying the blame for our economic woes on everyone else (including immigrants and minorities) but himself and his billionaire cronies…when in fact it was he and his cronies who have put us in this situation. But what about Obamacare? What about it? In truth, it was just another version of Romney care but under the democratic party banner. Believe it or not, it was aimed at helping the middle class in several areas: providing care for pre-existing conditions, coverage for college students, and lowering costs for the poor (who could not afford insurance prior to this time).

Where do we go from here? Good question! It is obvious to me that we must crash and burn…then, start all over again. Good luck, America!


Flawed American News Media

It is so disappointing today to finally witness national media (CBS Morning News) coverage of DAPL water protectors only to hear the report interpret the situation as a violent protest. Very little attention given to the the brutal and violent actions of law enforcement. This was followed up by the local evening version on Channel 2 KUTV, in which a one-sided version is presented. They featured a retired University of Utah professor who emphasized that transporting oil by pipeline is less dangerous than say rail. They show a derailed train with an oil tanker ablaze. If you don’t think the media is owned by big corporations, then you are out of touch with reality. Most sources indicate that the American media is owned stock and barrel by six major corporate bodies. So much for the First Amendment – it is of no value, if the news that is reported is skewed and inaccurate, benefitting big corporations and the wealthy class.


Some Much Needed Divine Wisdom for the Day

My wife has shared with me some divine knowledge that I wish to pass along to all of you: Before any great thing happens, there is a testing period, a time when the dark energy has power. It is at this time when some people lose heart and give up. Here is her statement verbatim:

“So, in order to subdue the earth, we have to give up our will to the outcome. Therefore, the protocol of the Creator is always to step back and let the dark side have its moment. And that gives us an opportunity to check in with our hearts. God is not frustrated, only man is frustrated. When we act out of our frustration and anger, we are acting out of fear. Fear chases away love. We are taking it out of God’s hands. If we align with the Creator, we will align with him and his love and the intention of what we are creating. Then we know whatever happens we are aligned with God and give our lives to it, peacefully. When we are in a place of love, we do not feel powerless or frustrated. We feel the love of the Creator. It is our dark side that wants to jump out and join the enemy. We must look into the voices of fear within us. And embrace that fear with love and send love and light to those voices, let them be heard. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. There is nothing to fear!”

                                                                                                                Shauna Cuch, 11/14/2016             


A Call for Civil Dialogue

This past weekend, I participated in a public forum entitled, Utah Citizen Summit, a public meeting session on dialogue and discussion about the results of the recent presidential election. One of the points I made was that it appears that the election results revealed to me that my white brothers and sisters have not been heard. Although their fears of losing their country are unfounded, the that fact that they believe this perception to be true is very compelling and perhaps even dangerous. My guess is that had these fears been addressed, at the national level, such drastic measures would not have been necessary as reflected in the election of a mad man. My guess would be that they have been very unhappy seeing successful black people on television in roles that vary from professional athletics to music entertainment and other glamorous portrayals, all the while, we have black president. Then, when that see thousands of immigrants allowed into the country, most of which are worshippers of a religion that is contrary and in some ways challenging to the U.S. brand of Christianity; they feel threatened and fearful. That was the motivation behind Trump and his strategists…and it worked.

The other point I made was that my people (the native peoples), have not been heard…to this day! The brave native people up north, the “water protectors” resisting the North Dakota Pipeline (NDPL), are still not being heard! Their message is very clear, “Stop polluting the water (our life blood)…and mother earth!” This message is not limited to the benefit of native people but “all” people! As Arvol Looking Horse said this weekend, “the mother earth has a fever, she is sick.” And, we my friends, have become sick as well! We are ignoring the warnings of not only the native people but scientists who say it is almost too late to save our planet due to global warming caused by human activity, mostly the result of large scale fossil fuel development. Big corporations are responsible for most of this destruction! And now big corporations have installed their leader, in the form of Donald Trump, in the highest office in the United States and world for that matter. The scale has been tipped dangerously against anyone or those who seek harmony with nature, harmony with man and universe…all because we refused to listen to one another and take each other seriously, to learn of our fears and inspirations. We have failed humanity and we are violating our birthright, our home, our mother earth.  

There is still hope. My friend, world famous primatologist, Jane Goodall, said it best. “There are four things that give me hope: our youth, the resilience of the earth, the power of the human mind, and the power of the human spirit. Let’s hope there is time enough to put these powers to work!


A Return of the Darkside

I sent the following article to the Salt Lake Tribune for publishing. I have not heard back from them so I thought I would share it with all of you. I hope it offers some light to our current race situation.

It is quite obvious that a very dark cloud has descended upon the United States in the form of heightened racism and racial intolerance. Donald Trump and his bid for the White House exemplifies it. Trump’s message is very clear…make America great again! The problem with many of us people of color is that it means a return to pre-civil rights era and the 1930s anti-Semitic mentality of Germany and Italy. Trump’s target seems to be anyone who is not White and male. First, it was the Mexicans, then Muslim immigrants; now Hillary (women)!

This racial attention is all very frightening, especially if you are a person of color which I happen to be. I sometimes think that an accurate understanding of history or the lack thereof, by most Americans, is at the crucks of the matter. I can understand how a low income, poorly educated White person could become envious; then eventually resentful, when Black people are at the center stage of athletics (collegiate and professional), music, visual arts and other forms of entertainment. We see highly successful Black people in television commercials, many of them are depicted as beautiful, rich, glamorous, and highly successful. This envy can become dangerous if one does not have a true understanding to the background of this perception. You see, if a White person did not understand that their White ancestors actually brought Black people to this continent against their will and enslaved them; then they could conceivably get the idea that these folks migrated here and are taking advantage of the situation. This could happen especially if they lacked accurate information about the contributions Black people have made to this country: the many scientific inventions, military heroics (Buffalo soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, etc.), Olympic representation, the arts and other athletic and esthetic contributions too numerous to list here.

If White people are not taught that people of color, namely the American Indians occupied this land prior to their ancestor’s arrival; they get the idea that only White people have a rightful claim to this land. If they do not understand that a greater part of the western United States was once a part of Mexico; then they can continue to victimize Mexican and Mexican-American people. Another example is the victimization of French people (former late night entertainer, Jay Leno, was good at this) when, in fact, France was instrumental in assisting American patriots in their bid for American independence from England.

When it comes to Trump, he actually represents a return to pre-women’s suffrage or 1920s thinking! Incidentally, we American Indians did not acquire the right to vote until Congress adopted the American Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. So many American Indians fought in WWI that it was a source of embarrassment to the U.S. government that our soldiers were not entitled to veteran’s benefits.

In short, without a thorough understanding or even basic understand of U.S. History, our country becomes vulnerable to civil unrest, anarchy, and if not corrected, ultimately revolution between the haves and the have nots. We really do not have to relive history if we are wise and thoughtful. What a shame it would be for us all to give up the luxuries of life and indulge in fighting in the streets over a bunch of lies and misinformation. After all, that’s what racism is – ignorance and lack of information!

On the positive side, at least we now know there is a race problem in this country. This evil hidden agenda and sentiment; this ugly underbelly is now being exposed so that we can come to terms with it, to deal with it, and overcome it as we Americans have had to endure similar challenges many times before in our short history. Now, we can focus on it and counteract it with the best know how we can muster. My suggestion is higher U.S. History standards in high school and college. Anything we can do to stop us from repeating the bloody side of history will do wonders! Our country is being challenged within. It is time to American-up as we always have and truly make this country great again!