Native American Indians


The name RAIN—Rising American Indian Nations—has multi-faceted meanings for everyone who becomes involved in this wonderful, exciting American Indian organization. 

Rain is very sacred to American Indians. Many mountain/plains tribes participate in a ceremony called “Sundance," in which they fast from food and water for 3-4 days/nights, learning quickly the value of water, then food. A single raindrop falling from the heavens becomes a treasured blessing. Many offer thanks each time they take a drink of water. Out of this celebration and respect for rain, came the name  Rising American Indian Nations.

Rising American Indian Nations (RAIN) was established April 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah, as a non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization. RAIN is an organization dedicated to empowering American Indians. A majority of American Indians serve on RAIN's Board of Trustees. RAIN’s many programs are specially designed by American Indians to counteract early death, hopelessness, and despair.  We use several vehicles to accomplish this: non-traditional education, interpersonal skills training/development, health education and prevention, promotion of traditional native healing arts, sustainable living concepts, and many other specially designed programs, events, and services.

Vision: American Indian nations will rise up with one voice and develop a higher consciousness of truth, faithfulness, and love necessary to restore the earth to sacredness in communion with God/Creator.

Our Mission/Purpose: To empower Indian people to make contributions to their communities and become leaders who make major contributions to humanity.

Our Motto: We respond to the core of problems, not the symptoms. “Band aids are killing our people!”

Our Overall Goal: To recreate a genuine model of a modern-day traditional American Indian community that is self-sustaining and promotes the pre-colonial ideology (i.e., cooperative economics, unconditional giving, and egalitarianism) of American Indians, combined with the utilization of the newest, most effective, and clean technologies (such as alternative energy, organic food production, and alternative construction methods), which will serve as an effective demonstration of how to improve one’s life and contribute to self-sustaining communities.

Co-founders of RAIN

Forrest S. Cuch is an enrolled member of the Ute Indian Tribe and Co-Founder of RAIN. He was born and raised on the Uintah and Ouray Ute Indian Reservation in northeastern Utah. In 1973, he graduated from Westminster College, SLC, Utah, with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in the Behavioral Sciences.  Forrest served as education director for the Ute Indian Tribe from 1973 to 1988. He has held numerous positions that have prepared him for his current work in RAIN. These include tribal planner (nation building), tribal administrator, and secondary social studies teacher. Forrest was director of Utah Division of Indian Affairs from 1997 through 2011. He was editor of the publication A History of Utah’s American Indians Utah State University Press, 2000. He served on the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics. His legacy is getting a more accurate history of Utah's Tribes into schools and to the general public, which includes the documentry film We Shall Remain that focused on each Utah Tribe and was sponsored by PBS and KUTV. Throughout his career, he has worked to call attention to the ancient presence of American Indian people in Utah, and he has worked with other American Indian leaders in the state to address many critical issues facing all of Utah’s tribes.

Shauna Lynne is executive director and co-founder of RAIN. She successfully raised a large family. Shauna has owned and operated several businesses and is presently a consultant. She served on the University of Utah advisory board for Fine Arts. One of her accomplishments in this capacity was arranging for the Ute Tribe Education Department to display art in the Gittens Gallary. She developed a unique branding and marketing strategy for RAIN and a business plan. She developed a program for presentations for the Salt Lake Public Library to help the community better understand the Indian people and their culture. She worked with the Ute tribe on diabetes prevention through a nutrition program that included cooking demonstrations as a solution to debilitating diseases due to poor nutrition. Shauna helped bring awareness in public schools of the We Shall Remain curriculum by hosting assemblies at schools near reservation consisting of American Indian cultural performances, story telling, and drumming/dancing. As business consultant to the Ute Tribal Enterprises, LLC, she developed healthy concepts for a new restaurant and existing grocery store on the Ute reservation. She helped develop the second generation website for RAIN and started the kickstart program to raise money for a community facility on the reservation for workshops and training. She is currently working with Ute Tribe Family Services to develop programs for troubled youth and their families. She is committed to assisting Indian people in line with RAIN's goals and objectives.  

RAIN Goals/Objectives: We seek to empower through sponsorship the following programs:

HEALING - Leadership and Empowerment

  • Equine healing
  • Earth skills
  • Programs for troubled youth
  • Empowerment training

HEALTH/PROSPERITY – A model native, sustainable ranch/native healing facility emphasizing good nutrition, dietary supplements, and health prevention programs

  • Cooking native foods
  • Native plants
  • Organic food production
  • Natural dietary supplements

 EDUCATION - Emphasizing out-of-school programs that empower parents and youth

  • Instructional techniques that open up neurological pathways
  • Alternative education programs, including tribally operated private and/or charter schools
  • Dual emersion language education
  • Culturally relevant education/after school programs

 SUSTAINABILITY - Promoting environmental education and conservation services

  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Preserving native food sources and animal habitat
  • Community gardens and greenhouses for organic food production
  • Sustainable living processes 


“We must take the best of the Whiteman’s world and the best of the Indian world and keep them.”            -- Sitting Bull, Hunk papa Ogallala Lakota

 “The greatest evil is the humiliation of children.” -- Ellie Wiesal, Holocaust Survivor

 “Imagination is greater than intelligence.”-- Albert Einstein

 “Racism is hurtful, but to be invisible and ignored is demoralizing."-- Forrest S. Cuch    

 RAIN Board Members: 

Forrest S. Cuch (Ute), Founding Board Member, Acting Chairman

Shauna Engen, Founding Board Member

Lara Arrowchis (Ute), Neola, Utah

Nancy Hewitt, Bookkeeper, Park City, Utah

Duane Moss, Legal Advisor, Midway, Utah